爽やかな冬晴れの この日、笑顔いっぱいの撮影が 行われました☀︎



きらききらと 透明感のある日差しは この季節ならではです☆☆




さぁここから美観地区での 撮影がスタートしますよ〜♪♪




江戸・大正時代を思わせる ロマンある建物や 倉敷川といった この景観は


まさに 和装にぴったり!^^




美観地区らしい、白壁・海鼠壁も 爽やかです☆☆








美味しそうな店先を 横目に・・・♪♪




占いが 気になっちゃったり♪♪


お茶目なお写真も 撮りました^^





きりりとキメるお写真も 楽しくお二人らしいお写真も、たくさん撮りましょう!




美観地区を楽しみながら 回る撮影となりました♪♪




2月でも 素敵なお写真ですね♡







28.Jan.2018 Today’s photos
“In Kurashiki Area”.

Kurashiki is located west of Okayama Prefecture’s southern plains.
Kurashiki has ancient tradition and culture.
It is still protected as such today as the “Bikan Chiku” historical area.
“bikan” literally meaning “beautiful views” in Japanese.
and it is here where you can find attractive traditional buildings full of local color.
These buildings have been closely tied to the livelihood of local people since long ago.
Bikan Chiku is suitable for kimono shooting!
We look forward to having you join us!



Urgent news!
We have a special discount in this winter:6.Jan -28.Feb.2018
We will be happy to discount the prices of shooting plan,  knock off 30,000 yen from the price!
We are sorry but it CANNOT be combined with any other coupon, Western-dress plan, studio shooting plan.